BUSINESS ANALYST & DEVELOPER : Understand your needs, define requirements to be translate into operational matters
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With more than 15 years in business development and team management, I have always been motivated by a will to win and new challenges. My priority is to ensure your business needs are supported and met.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Pharma - ICT - Telecom - BTP - Protocolaire - Public

Fields of practice:
Gestion d'équipes, Stratégies commerciales, Internationalisation

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction commerciale Direction Internationale Autre

Types of interventions:
Lors de mes missions, une intégration du business model de l’entreprise est généralement suivie d’une définition explicite des objectifs de l’entreprise/du département ainsi qu’une approche individuelle destinée à identifier les qualités et appétences du personnel en place.

Training courses attended:
2008 : Managing in Complexity
2006 : Leadership Development - Leading Successfully
2005 : Time Management
2004 : Operational Management, Supervision and Animation of International Teams
2003 : Team Building
2002 : Optimal Coaching
2001 : Managing a Team and Mastering the Art of Delegation

2001 : Bachelor, Foreign Trade, Ecole Pratique Hautes Etudes Commerciales - Brussels, Belgium


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
Microsoft Office : Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point Other tools : Test Director, Project Trax and X-Trax, Filezilla, GIMP, Photoshop

Languages: Fr En Nl

Some references:

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With a long-term, proven track record in the pharmaceutical,
ICT and telecommunication industries, I understand both the needs of companies,
and the internal teams that drive them (managers and staff).

Understand the needs of customers, define the
business and functional requirements, translate them into technical matters, identify
the targets that need to be addressed first and priorities for myself or for
the team are all topics I manage in my daily life. This approach is effective
for both large and/or small-scale projects.

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